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Tim Crane

The Objects of Thought

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Pierre Jacob, CNRS, Institut Jean Nicod, École Normale Supérieure


Amber Carpenter

Indian Buddhist Philosophy


Reviewed by Christopher Bartley, University of Liverpool


Bence Nanay

Between Perception and Action

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Nicoletta Orlandi, University of California, Santa Cruz


James Penner and Henry E. Smith (eds.)

Philosophical Foundations of Property Law

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Christopher Essert, Faculty of Law, Queen's University


Anne Sauvagnargues

Deleuze and Art


Reviewed by Gary Genosko, University of Ontario Institute of Technology


A. J. Bartlett, Justin Clemens, and Jon Roffe

Lacan Deleuze Badiou

Edinburgh University Press

Reviewed by Adrian Johnston, University of New Mexico


Plato, The Republic, page from oldest known manuscriptPlato, Republic, oldest known manuscript


Augustine, City of God, manuscript pageAugustine, City of God, 15th century


Descartes Meditations, Title Page, First EditionDescartes, Meditations, First Edition


Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, First EditionHegel, The Phenomenology of Spirit, First Editiion