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Robert Howse

Leo Strauss: Man of Peace

Cambridge University Press

Reviewed by Steven B. Smith, Yale University


Andrea Lavazza and Howard Robinson (eds.)

Contemporary Dualism: A Defense


Reviewed by Lynne Rudder Baker, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Michael Ridge

Impassioned Belief

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Andrew Alwood, Virginia Commonwealth University


Peter Godfrey-Smith

Philosophy of Biology

Princeton University Press

Reviewed by Brian Garvey, Lancaster University


James Maffie

Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion

University Press of Colorado

Reviewed by Robert Eli Sanchez, Jr., University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States, University of California, Riverside


Plato, The Republic, page from oldest known manuscriptPlato, Republic, oldest known manuscript


Augustine, City of God, manuscript pageAugustine, City of God, 15th century


Descartes Meditations, Title Page, First EditionDescartes, Meditations, First Edition


Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, First EditionHegel, The Phenomenology of Spirit, First Editiion