Reviews » Archive » October 2007

Nancy J. Hirschmann, Kirstie M. McClure (eds.)

Feminist Interpretations of John Locke

Reviewed by Sibyl A. Schwarzenbach, City University of New York Graduate Center


J. T. Ismael

The Situated Self

Reviewed by Robert D. Rupert, University of Colorado, Boulder


Joel J. Kupperman

Ethics and Qualities of Life

Reviewed by Christian Miller, Wake Forest University


G. W. F. Hegel, trans. W. Wallace, A. V. Miller, and M. Inwood, intro. and commentary, Michael Inwood

Philosophy of Mind

Reviewed by Sebastian Rand, Georgia State University


Larry May

War Crimes and Just War

Reviewed by Peter Tramel, USMA, West Point


Dominic Murphy

Psychiatry in the Scientific Image

Reviewed by John M. Doris, and Sarah Robins, Washington University in St. Louis