For Reviewers

In agreeing to publish a review in NDPR, the reviewer retains the copyright to the review and gives NDPR the right to the first publication of that review.

Contributors should feel free to develop their reviews as they think best, within the following broad constraints.

  • Reviews should begin with a brief paragraph or two giving an overall characterization of the book, so that readers can tell quickly if they are interested in reading the entire review.
  • The review should offer an evaluation of at least some key aspects of the book and not merely provide a summary. It is also important to give reasons for any evaluations, particularly negative ones.
  • Reviews should typically fall within the range of 1500-2000 words. Reviewers who think a book requires longer or shorter treatment should check with the managing editor.
  • A primary goal of NDPR is to provide timely reviews of new books. Therefore, a review is due no later than three months after the reviewer receives the book.
  • Reviews must be submitted as a .doc(x) file via email attachment.
  • The submitted review must begin with a bibliographical entry for the book that follows the following format: author (or editor), title, publisher, date, number of pages, price (paperback if available, otherwise hardback), ISBN. Example: Max Virgil, How millions have been misled by dogmas of classical logic, Paradigmatic University Press, 2021, 111pp., $77.77 (hbk), ISBN 314159265.
  • Below the bibliographical entry, give your name and institutional affiliation as you would like them to appear.

Reviewers must carefully proofread the review before submitting it. Once the review is submitted, no further reviewer-requested revisions shall be implemented.