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Peter Adamson and Matteo Di Giovanni (eds.)

Interpreting Averroes: Critical Essays

Cambridge University Press

Reviewed by Fouad Ben Ahmed, Al-Qarawiyine University, Rabat


Melissa Merritt

Kant on Reflection and Virtue

Cambridge University Press

Reviewed by Kristi Sweet, Texas A&M University


William G. Lycan

On Evidence in Philosophy

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Nathan Ballantyne, Fordham University


Plato, The Republic, page from oldest known manuscriptPlato, Republic, oldest known manuscript

Augustine, City of God, manuscript pageAugustine, City of God, 15th century

Descartes Meditations, Title Page, First EditionDescartes, Meditations, First Edition

Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, First EditionHegel, The Phenomenology of Spirit, First Edition