Reviews » Archive » February 2014

Anthony K. Jensen

Nietzsche's Philosophy of History

Cambridge University Press

Reviewed by Andrew Huddleston, Exeter College, University of Oxford


Vittorio Hösle (ed.)

The Many Faces of Beauty

University of Notre Dame Press

Reviewed by Robert E. Wood, University of Dallas


John Lippitt and George Pattison (eds.)

The Oxford Handbook of Kierkegaard

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Thomas P. Miles, Boston College


Christy Mag Uidhir

Art and Art-Attempts

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Sherri Irvin, University of Oklahoma


Geoffrey Brennan, Lina Eriksson, Robert E. Goodin and Nicholas Southwood

Explaining Norms

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Gerald Gaus, The University of Arizona


Anne Phillips

Our Bodies, Whose Property?

Princeton University Press

Reviewed by James Lindemann Nelson, Michigan State University