Reviews » Archive » January 2016

Randolph Clarke, Michael McKenna, and Angela M. Smith (eds.)

The Nature of Moral Responsibility: New Essays

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin, Sam Houston State University


Elliott Sober

Ockham's Razors: A User's Manual

Cambridge University Press

Reviewed by Daniel Steel, University of British Columbia


Arianna Betti

Against Facts

MIT Press

Reviewed by Maria van der Schaar, Leiden University


Sebastian Gardner and Matthew Grist (eds.)

The Transcendental Turn

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Robert Howell, University at Albany, SUNY, and Moscow State University


Iwao Hirose and Jonas Olson (eds.)

The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Errol Lord, University of Pennsylvania, and Kurt Sylvan, University of Southampton


James Van Cleve

Problems from Reid

Oxford University Press

Reviewed by Terence Cuneo, University of Vermont